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Status: Completed 2015
Function: Office
Project type: Interior design
Investor: Biogen Slovakia
Area: 540 m²
Location: Aupark Tower Bratislava

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The architectural design of the new office spaces was developed for an international pharmaceutical company Biogen Idec. which is located in one of the well-known office buildings in the Aupark Tower in Bratislava.

The client's brief called for planning a spacious open space with distributed workstations and an adjacent system of soundproof huddle rooms and larger meeting rooms for the need of private phone calls, video calls and meetings. Our idea was to create very minimal office considering the zonation and all the elements so that the feeling of generous space with a clean interior concept supports the premium feeling.

Directly behind the minimalist reception area designed in simple natural warm tones facing massive white block with hidden closet is situated a variable meeting room. If necessary, this room can be divided into two separate meeting rooms by an acoustic mobile partition.

Considerable part of the floor plan is dedicated to an open space which is divided according to the individual required office segments and bordered by a separate private zone with seating for the company management. In the multiple huddle rooms and smaller meeting areas there can be found variable compositions of colourful soft seatings with different types of tables, acoustic wall panels or TVs. Colour scheme of the office goes hand in hand with company's brand identity colours, namely blue, green and magenta.