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Status: Completed 2017
Function: Office
Project type: Interior design
Investor: Oriflame Sweden
Area: 455 m²
Location: Uniq Staromestska Bratislava

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Head office for the cosmetic company Oriflame was designed in the same year as its showroom, on one of the upper floors of boutique office building UNIQ Staromestska. The design vision of nearly 460 m2 office space called for warm, light and minimalistic interior solution. By incorporating elements evoking nature such as green wall, natural materials and warm tones the atmosphere of the office was recieved as pleasant and sustaining the well-being of its users. Playful brand elements such as company‘s tonality heart and carpet patterns as well as chosen colour scheme were since then incorporated in several other Oriflame offices throughout Europe. The office was one of the finalists of the Office of the Year 2017 contest.