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Healthy environment concept

In our studio forms. architects we support the concept of a healthy environment for work and living, the so-called the concept of "well-being". In translation, "well-being" refers to the subjective prosperity of an individual, whether mental, physical, economic or emotional. Healthy conditions and the quality of an individual's daily life are key values ​​that are in the focus of all the architects in our studio, who develop a new living or working space for the client. In the proposals we design, we pay attention to achieving an increased quality of the environment, which is directly proportional to the physical, and therefore mental benefits of the client. The space itself and its attributes can make a person's life better and increase the level of their emotional and physical well-being in the long run. In forms. architects we bring such layout solutions that enhance the quality that the space offers. It can be, for example, openness, space generosity, airiness, individual personal space, privacy of individual zones of use and others. Furthermore, there are individual elements in the interior / for example, comfortable materials, harmonious color schemes, art objects, lighting installations /, technological solutions / incorporation of filtration and air purification, interior and exterior greenery, smart home solutions and others / as well as a program for prevention and support of immunity, which we offer as a package and is suitable for companies and for individuals.



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