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Status: Study 2018
Function: Retail
Project type: Interior design 
Area: 168 m²
Location: Bratislava

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The idea behind the project for Greta & Lily Winery was to re-design and reconstruct an older retail space and create an attractive small boutique winery combined with a bottle shop. The investor’s goal was to deliver more elaborated concept with richer portfolio and variety of goods.

Inside the winery

The brief called for more industrial, young and stylish interior while maintaining the spirit of small design winery where people have an option to degust the best quality wines of the brand. The project resulted in functional interconnection of pleasant urban style bottle shop with charming fine winery. The principles and methodology as if designing the showroom were applied.

The floorplan has been divided in two main zones - the wine zone and an additional product zone. Important aspect of the proposal was to preserve clean lines, clear and systematic division as well as designing the new modern signage of product stands. Winery design is making use of simplicity and strength of the regular geometry as well as again minimizing the materials used. The general concept was to merge the two functions with the same aesthetics and delivering the urban atmosphere in more ordered way with just a few predominant materials of light natural wood, recycled wood and anthracite shades. Additionally, in details, the interior is filled with vintage, raw, crafted and local elements. Our studio also designed Greta & Lily Winery new shopfront.