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Status: Completed 2022
Function: Offices; CEO premises 7TH FLOOR
Project type: Reconstruction, interior design
Area: 1050 m²
Location: Bratislava centrum

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Design author & chief architect: Nasťa Džavíková, MSc.

Construction documentation & architecture team:  Nasťa Džavíková, MSc.

                                                                                                             Ing. Michal Krutý

                                                                                                             Ing. Lucia Beláňová 

                                                                                                             Ing. arch. Pavol Šuška

                                                                                                             Ing. arch. Oskar Mészár

Photo: Bc. Robo Hubač

Recently completed implementation of the 6th and 7th floors of the Kooperativa management spaces in Bratislava is architecturally and conceptually directly connected to the previous stages of reconstruction from 2019-2021, which we covered as a studio. The intention was to unite the company's interiors in a modern design with classic elements, with an emphasis on the representation of an important institution and a strong player in the field of insurance and real estate.